Current Approvals

AeCAT continues to expand the range of aircraft for which it can provide approved EASA Part 147 Training.

We currently hold approvals for the full range of training (B1& B2 theory and practical and recurrent, familiarisation training) on the following aircraft


Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 ((CFM 56)

Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 (V2500)

ATR 42 - 200/300 series (PWC PW120)

ATR 42 - 400/500/72-212A (PWC 120)

ATR 72 - 100/200 Series (PWC PW120)

Boeing B737 - 300/400/500 (CFM56)

Boeing B737 – 600/700/800/900 (CFM56)

Bombardier CL600-2B19( GE CF34)   (CRJ 100/200)

Bombardier CL-600-2C10/-2D15/-2D24/-2E25 (GE CF34)   (CRJ 700/900/1000)

Bombardier DHC-8 100/200/300 (PWC PW120) 

Bombardier DHC-8 400 (PWC PW150)

Ebraer ERJ 135/145 (RR Corp AE3001A)

Embraer ERJ 170 (GE CF34)

Embraer ERJ 190 (GE CF34)

Embraer EMB 505 ( PWC PW535 ) (Phenom 300)

LearJet 35/36 (Honeywell TFE731)

Viking Air (De Havilland) DHC-6 (PWC PT6)


 Click Here to view and print the latest EASA Form 11 Approval Certificate.