Aircraft Maintenance/Type Trainingengine maintenance pic 1

We can provide a variety of Airframe, Engine and Avionics courses ranging from General Familiarisation, through to fully approved B1 and B2 training courses (both theory and practical).

The familiarisation courses, which are intended for the management and general staff members, are non-Part 147 theoretical courses at EASA Part 66 level 1. They give a brief description of the operation, location and maintenance aspects of all aircraft systems.

Refresher courses are focused on the requirements for technical staff to keep current and generally include an overview at level 1, briefings on modifications and SBs, and a detailed review of selected ATA Chapters.

The Type Training provides an approved and acknowledged standard of knowledge of the aircraft and its systems to the levels required in EASA Part 66 Annex III.

The theoretical training may be carried out in classrooms at the dedicated training facility registered in our MTOE, at the customers' site or appropriate hired facilities as convenient.

The practical training meet the latest EASA regulations (1321/2014) and may be carried out on aircraft, in an EASA Part 145 facility and in classrooms at customer facilities or at appropriate hired facilities as convenient. 

The menus for specific aircraft under the Course Manager heading provide further details and allow registration of interest for open dates or specific courses.