AeCAT welcomes new staff members.


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Get Ready for 2022


As we are slowly getting back to what is the new normal, air travel is getting busy again which is good to see.

At AeCAT we've had a surprisingly good 2021 and kept busy, so now looking to 2022 to start a fresh and hopefully help our customers train their Engineers to meet the challenge.

So, to get planning and get ahead of your training needs give us a shout and we will be happy to provide a first class training experience either at your facility or via Instructor lead classroom using video conferencing.

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First Remote Type Course Starts


Our first course under the approval for web based delivery starts today with students from two Turkish companies undertaking an Embraer 135/145 B1/B2 Theory course.

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AeCAT Approval for Delivery of Training through Virtual Classroom


AeCAT received UKCAA Approval of updates to our MTOE to permit temporary approval to use Web Based Remote Training as detailed in the Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material to Annex IV (Part 147).

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The latest update to Annex IV of AMC 147.A.130(a) Training procedures and quality systems finally opens the door to the new training methods and training technologies with potential for Web Based delivery of theory Type Training.

A link to it is provided below.

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I hope that this email finds you and yours well in spite of the grave circumstances in which we find ourselves.

The interests of our customers and our staff have always been at the heart of everything we do, and this is particularly so in these dark days.

You will all be aware that the Coronavirus has created major difficulties for the aviation industry across the world and we are no exception.

The staff of our sales and support teams are working from home and the face to face training which we carry out has been severely curtailed.

We intend to be here when the dust settles and are happy to discuss any ways we can help you now or in the future.

We do ask that you bear with us if our response is a little slower than usual.

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Courses at the Top of the World


AeCAT is now delivering training at the top of the world with a series of courses for airlines in Nepal

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AeCAT Preparations for Brexit


We have completed an early application to EASA for third country approval in the event of a No-Deal Brexit and have received confirmation that an EASA certificate has been approved and will be issued immediately upon leaving the EU to maintain our ongoing approval.

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Embraer 170/190


Recent 170/190 Practical course

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Relocation of Admin Office


AeCAT has recently moved the administration and training management staff into new accommodation in the Global Centre, Spalding Road, Deeping St James. This is in response to the continuing expansion of our portfolio and delivery volume and the steady increase in staff numbers.

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On the 13th April 2018 the European Commission issued a Notice to Stake Holders about the implications of the UK withdrawal from the EU. The response from the CAA and our commitment for ongoing approval are outlined below.

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